About A Lakeshore Bed and Breakfast

A Lake Shore Bed and Breakfast is a relaxing retreat where people come to escape the everyday hustle and bustle.


Now a CERTIFIED WELLNESS HOME offering "LUXURY AT THE LAKE" for business or pleasure, you won't want to go home! A LAKE SHORE BED & BREAKFAST AND FULL SERVICE DAY SPA offers a welcoming and luxurious environment where people can relax, be pampered and enjoy the ambience of Lake Newell resort.

We have taken ownership of our enviroment and have created a space where your body can repair, maintain and rejuvenate.

Our Certified Welllness Home is chemical free. We clean with a essential oil blend called thieves that has been found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria and yet is completely safe & natural.

Wellness is in the air! Breathe air charged with negative ions - the Japanese call this Shinrinyoko, "forest air breathing". Negative ions have been known to aid in sleep, balance seratonin levels, lower blood pressure and much more.

Drink from the water of life - PiMag Water. PiMag water is alkaline and has been rebalancedwith minerals, calcium and oxygen. Drinking alkaline water helps provide a healthy environment for the body to repair.

Quality sleep is also vital for health and longevity. Discover the Magnetic Technology of a Kenko Sleep System that repicates the earth's energy. Enjoy Far Infared Technology that uses the energy around you to help you stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures while cuddled under our exclusive comforter. We also offer a special blend of essential oils that ensures a restful sleep. Wake up while enjoying the benefits of a Pi-Mag Shower, chlorine free & balanced water. What a great way to start a day of pampering in our Private Day Spa!


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